Mr. Buddylee is Patient, Patient, Patient.

Mr. Buddylee and Mosey Waiting for TicketsSaturday morning 10AM sharp, Mr. Buddylee and Mosey were standing (sitting) in line at the Portsmouth Music Hall to reserve tickets to see, the band, Pink Martini. The Boys were patient, well-behaved and quiet during the 25 minute wait. As luck would have it, the dog seats were already sold out (got good human seats). The reason for the perfect behavior: we had just come from a 50 minute walk/run in the dog park. Mosey was sprinting around like a wild man, with all his playmates, while Buddylee strolled on all the paths with his mother. I am finding the key to a well-behaved Jack Russell Terrier is to keep him tired.

Mr. Buddylee and Mosey with a Person Their Size.

Mr. Buddylee, Mosey and BabyThis was one of those times that I had to ask the dad if his adorable child  bites friendy dogs.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.  No worries, everything appeared to be O.K. for Mr. Buddylee and Mosey.  This busy Portsmouth corner was full of smiling onlookers.  Mosey was truly thinking that this living doll would be a fun play toy.  We were informed that the baby had a pup at home.  What a surprise!

Mr. Buddylee and Mosey: A Great Collection of Ears

Mr. Buddylee and Mosey: great looking earsMr. Buddylee and Mosey  are waiting, under a shade tree, for their mother at the George Marshall Store Gallery in York, Maine.  In this photo the little guy is 12 pounds and the big boy is 48 pounds, but you can’t tell from this shot.  Looks like we have a 50 pound, 7 month old, JRT.

Mr. Buddylee and Mosey Would Be Carried Away

Mr. Buddylee-Mosey-great-bayMr. Buddylee and Mosey enjoy a cool dip in the Great Bay at Hilton Park, but being pulled away in swift river currents would be frightening to all involved.
The Piscataqua River, at depths up to 70 feet, provides a fairly narrow channel to the ocean for six different rivers, as well as Great and Little Bay.  The tidal currents run an average of 4 knots and are some of the fastest on the east coast of the United States.


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Mr. Buddylee and Mosey: The Audience.

Mr. Buddylee and Mosey Listens to Irish MusicMr. Buddylee and Mosey enjoy live music.  During this Irish music concert, the boys accounted for 50% of the audience in Market Square, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  If you look closely, the two people sitting in the middle of the street are not focused on the band.  So, Buddylee and Mosey account for 100% of the interested listeners.

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Mr. Buddylee Supports Basset Rescues, Again.

mr-buddylee-with-dad-with-text-rev1This original Buddylee-inspired design is being used to support Basset Hound Rescues.  In April we raised money for Hounds Abound in Orlando and this campaign will help New England Basset Hound Rescue, serving the 6 New England states.  If you missed getting your shirt 3 months ago, here is another opportunity.  This crowd-funding project only runs for 7 days.  It’s a fun design and a great cause. Please see more info:

Mr. Buddylee is a People Magnet

Mr. Buddylee and Mosey, puppy loveAs long as Mr. Buddylee has been a member of our family he has attracted hundreds of admirers.  After adding a cute little terrier to the mix, it is impossible to walk by our two boys without saying hello to one or both of the pups. This family stopped us on Market Street, this week, to ask if it was OK to pet the duo.  My typical response to the kids is “You don’t bite do you?”, then following their answer, I give them permission to get some doggy love.  Taking up most of the sidewalk, on a main Portsmouth walking route, they all spent 5 minutes sitting on the brick enjoying each others’ company. All of us enjoy the regular “socializing fix”.  Do you have to be a dog person to appreciate all this cuteness?

Mr. Buddylee: The Anchor Hound.

Mr. Buddylee, the anchor.On a sunny, Saturday morning, 12 sailboats were preparing for an 11 AM race on Great Bay in Dover, New Hampshire.  None of the boats had a 48 pound, Bassethound anchor. Mosey, our 11 pound puppy, doesn’t get to wander very far with the weight of Mr. Buddylee on the other end of his lead.  Attaching the two boy’s leashes allows the photographer(me) to capture the moment, and controls an inquisitive Mosey.

Mr. Buddylee teaches “calm” to his kid brother

Mr. Buddylee, Mosey and MomSome images scream out for a caption.  This is Mr. Buddylee, Mosey and Mom outside of Harvey’s bakery in downtown Dover, New Hampshire.  The constant city traffic on Central Avenue(out of view) doesn’t interrupt  the pups’ 5 minute relaxation time. Buddylee is teaching “calm” to his 5 month old kid brother.  What well behaved animals!

Mr. Buddylee and Mosey: A visit to Remember.

AE-listening-to-musicMr. Buddylee has been visiting his Great Aunt Edith in the nursing home for 2 years.  Now that brother Mosey is with us, we have 2 pups that make the trip.  Monday was a particularly emotional visit because our Aunt is in her final days of being consumed by Parkinson’s disease.  This photo, has Buddylee out of site lying at the foot of the lounge chair and Mosey (the 9 pound lap dog) lying peacefully on Edith.  The white headphones added her favorite music to the visit.  Although little Mosey shifted his position several times, he was quietly comforting his Great Aunt for over an hour,  and she responded by gently stroking his body.

I posted this image on Facebook Monday afternoon and by Tuesday evening, there were 500 “likes” and over 100, heartfelt, comments.  A sad, yet comforting day.