Mr. Buddylee Is Always On Patrol

Mr. Buddylee on patrolStopping in Portsmouth’s Market Square, to get tips from a professional patrol officer, Mr. Buddylee enjoys his new friend and as you can see by the 2 smiling faces, the feeling is mutual.  The Happy Hound strikes again.  Last year Buddylee met a mounted patrol officer in downtown Dover, New Hampshire, PLEASE CLICK HERE.  Another Buddylee admirer, that day, told me the bloodhound is the only animal whose evidence is admissible in a US court.  I bet if the Bloodhound couldn’t make it to court that day that our Happy Hound could be used as his replacement.

Mr. Buddylee Is Back On The Shaky Bridge.

Buddylee anticipates his brief stroll over the Wiggly Bridge while talking to new friends, CLICK HERE. This structure is the world’s smallest suspension bridge, built in the 1930s and crosses over a tidal flow from Barrel Mill Pond to the York River in Maine.  Mr. Buddylee tolerates the vibrating bridge, but he loves getting his belly wet in the chilly pond below, CLICK HERE.  At low tide, walking on the sand bar is great fun.  This walk through the woods and along the river is on the Happy Hound’s top 10 list for great afternoon excursions.

Mr. Buddylee Packed His Bags and Left.

Left,left..left, right, left.
Mr. Buddylee packed his bags and left.  The junior Coast Guard members or Sea Cadets weekly drill always includes a multi-mile run.  Buddylee didn’t agree with their direction and the Cadets weren’t ready to follow the handsome hound.  Bud was focused on his 1700 mile trip to New Hampshire. By the way, he arrived back to the rain-soaked, frozen North several days ago.  CLICK HERE for his last roadside rest stop in Connecticut.

Mr. Buddylee: To Kayak Or Not To Kayak?

Mr. Buddylee and kayak
Mr. Buddylee Towing Service


Mr. Buddylee quickly realizes that his friend Susan is in a one person kayak, although he’s thinking that the tiny vessel may have some extra room for a happy hound.  Then Bud’s friend enjoys the towing power of a one Bassethound motor.  Although this Hound thoroughly enjoys the cooling effect of the Withlacoochee River on his belly, he prefers to have his paws on terra firma.  It won’t be long before Buddylee gets to wade in Dover’s Cocheco River, a chilling experience for the next month or two.

Mr. Buddylee: Hole Digger Extraordinaire.

Mr. Buddylee Hole Digger

The latest project at the Withlacoochee Gulf Preserve is the installation of plant and tree identifying markers.  Although Jack and Jean completed the post placement with the use of 2 post hole shovels, the alternative method could have been our little “hole digger”, the happy hound.  Thirty holes may have been too many for Mr. Buddylee’s built-in hole-digging shovels, but there are probably half that many in our back yard.  His holes are all within the shade around the house and perfectly scooped out to fit a bassethound’s belly.  Training starts tomorrow on digging perfect 10″ around and 18″ deep holes.  Buddylee should be available for future projects.

Mr. Buddylee: Walks on Docks.

Buddylee’s regular one to two mile morning “power” strolls take place on a variety of surfaces including the wood decking on stationary and floating docks.  He is not always excited to be on the moving surfaces, but some days he surprises us.  The Riverside Drive docks are all different, but the Withlacoochee River stays the same.

Mr. Buddylee With Bene: The Buddy System.

Young Bene, wants Buddylee to budge but Mr. B is ignoring the 7 pound opposing force.  Bene Bravo heads North in a couple of days and Mr. Buddylee will follow him, but not for 3 weeks.  The happy Hound and his family will be back in New Hampshire soon.  Another photo of the duo HERE.

Mr. Buddylee Dreams of His Own Magazine.

Mr. Buddylee Cover Dog


It is great fun to dream of your Bassethound being a “cover dog” on an internationally acclaimed pet magazine.  With the help of a creative online tool, the dream can turn into a “visual reality”.  See full sized Buddylee cover HERE.

Mr. Buddylee would appreciate some additional content ideas for his new publication.  Your comments below will be evaluated by our editorial staff.


Mr. Buddylee Plays the Role of Yin.

Mr. Buddylee and a Bull MastiffBuddylee’s co-star, the Bull Mastiff, plays the role of Yang.  Any similarity between their photo and the graphic image is purely coincidental.  Is there a way to train two dogs to sniff one another?  This not so brief meeting was during a stroll through Rainbow Springs on a perfect Florida, late Winter, afternoon.  The next time you see two pups sniffing each other, think yin and yang, an important component of Chinese astrology, philosophy and medicine.  It’s difficult to focus on these 3 aspects of Chinese culture while tugging on your dog’s leash, because your beloved canine refuses to be separated from his new best friend.

Mr. Buddylee: The Model B Meets the Model T’s.

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-3em”]T[/dropcap]he 2012 Model T Ford Club of America Winter Tour made a stop 1200 feet from Mr. Buddylee’s Winter home.  We don’t know if the third day of the Tour included a meet and greet with a friendly hound dog, but It sure looked like it!  There seemed to be a lot of Bassethound lovers in the crowd judging by all the “baritone mimics” of Mr. B’s friendly voice.  Viewing the eighty T’s lined up all around the restaurant was truly an impressive display.  More photos CLICK HERE.

This stop(CLICK HERE), on the Withlacoochee River, was for a buffet lunch date at Ikes Restaurant, quickly becoming THE place to meet and eat on the Nature Coast.  Sadly, Mr. Buddylee was not invited to participate in the buffet.