Mr. Buddylee’s Basic Train-ing

Mr. Buddylee: A Conductor In TrainingConducting himself as a perfect canine engineer on the S&H Iron Horse Express, Mr. Buddylee was trying his paw at a new avocation.  This 7 car mini train was only 8 feet from the Happy Hound’s front yard and running all weekend.  On Sunday morning Buddylee, with the help of his leash holder,  got to experience the inside of the mini engine.  Conductor David Hayden was happy to document the experience.  The 2013 Duck Race was also on Sunday and THIS IMAGE gives you an idea of the Hound’s level of the excitement during the event.

5 thoughts on “Mr. Buddylee’s Basic Train-ing”

  1. The perfect engineer for this wonderful train. Mr. BL give us a thrill, show us some speed(we all know you are dying to)!

  2. Buddy looks much more enthusiastic driving the train than he does at the duck race. Wonder if he can pick me up at Grand Central?

    1. Wouldn’t that be fun??? I’ll bring snacks. The Seafood Festival is very hard for Budd. A thousand people who need to be talked to, all that food which needs to be tasted and that long lead holding him back. It is just not fair… So says BuddyLee- very loudly, for 10 hours and 2 days straight.

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