Mr. Buddylee teaches “calm” to his kid brother

Mr. Buddylee, Mosey and MomSome images scream out for a caption.  This is Mr. Buddylee, Mosey and Mom outside of Harvey’s bakery in downtown Dover, New Hampshire.  The constant city traffic on Central Avenue(out of view) doesn’t interrupt  the pups’ 5 minute relaxation time. Buddylee is teaching “calm” to his 5 month old kid brother.  What well behaved animals!

7 thoughts on “Mr. Buddylee teaches “calm” to his kid brother”

  1. Calmness is a virtue, as is patience, but it doesn’t necessarily get you a reward… 5 minutes later, We3 waited quietly while the photographer/blogmaster ate his eclair from Harvey’s and we ate nothing.
    Harvey’s was voted #1 Bakery in NH in the WMUR TV poll. Harvey’s is a traditional small city bakery w/ all the baked goods you would expect as well as good breakfasts and lunches complete w/ all the politics you can digest.

  2. I can’t tell whether Corbe is feeling the same degree of calm. Is something about to jump down on her?

    1. I think that I was either giving the BlogMaster a hard time, or trying to see what was flying overhead. Take your pick, Jules…

  3. Auntie, looking her usual elegant self! Looks like Mosey has adjusted nicely to the New Hampshire climate. I feel more relaxed just looking at the picture!!

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