Mr. Buddylee Plays the Role of Yin.

Mr. Buddylee and a Bull MastiffBuddylee’s co-star, the Bull Mastiff, plays the role of Yang.  Any similarity between their photo and the graphic image is purely coincidental.  Is there a way to train two dogs to sniff one another?  This not so brief meeting was during a stroll through Rainbow Springs on a perfect Florida, late Winter, afternoon.  The next time you see two pups sniffing each other, think yin and yang, an important component of Chinese astrology, philosophy and medicine.  It’s difficult to focus on these 3 aspects of Chinese culture while tugging on your dog’s leash, because your beloved canine refuses to be separated from his new best friend.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Buddylee Plays the Role of Yin.”

  1. Amazing coincidence!!! It’s like Buddie Lee is light years ahead of his time. Almost therapeutic just looking at him and Mr Yang.

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