Mr. Buddylee Is Part Of The Wildlife.

Mr. Buddylee is being watched by the wildlife: a Heron, Pelican and lots of black Vultures.  He enjoyed most of his walk at the Inglis Bypass Spillway (about 6 miles from his home), except for the sand-spur filled grass just east of the gushing water.  Our Hound’s padded paws become a pin cushion for the little stickers.  It’s hard to spot them in the grass before it’s too late and then the 50 pound pup needs to be carried to safety.  The Spillway controls the level of Lake Rousseau by discharging the water into the Withlacoochee River.

4 thoughts on “Mr. Buddylee Is Part Of The Wildlife.”

  1. I think we better look for Buddylee 2 pair of hushpuppy shoes. That way he can walk right through the sand spurs and as far as hushpuppys, he can sneak up on the wildlife and not be heard coming. If you cross over the walkway on the spillway you can go west and south and experience the “Great Wall of Inglis.” It is a mighty wall of dirt and reinforced on the barge canal side by concrete. It’s purpose is to deflect the water down the barge canal if the main spillway or berm holding Lake Rousseau in breaks and sends all that water down stream. BL would never want to try and climb that hill..carrying that little pup with spurs in his paws must be a real challenge…

  2. I agree Mr. Buddylee needs to protect his precious paws with boots, so he can study and appreciate the wildlife around him.

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