7 thoughts on “Mr. Buddylee Is Low Maintenance?”

  1. My pet rock never made me laugh the way BuddyLee can, although trying to get BB to move when he doesn’t want to might bring to mind a rather large boulder

  2. Happy New Year …always a wonderful & interesting Buddylee adventure…

    is he bringing his special rock to help build that Inukshuk at our open house on Saturday?

    We asked Bella ,but she is stuck in -30 in Ottawa.

    There was an interesting interview about Bob the Cat on CBC and he has become famous in London,UK who has become a sensation with 2 books and an on line .Check Google.

    best wishes to you Jeff, and Corby for a very rewarding 2014!!


  3. Here is a wonderful response to this Buddylee photo taken from a Bassethound Forum we contribute to:

    I hadn’t had a dog for over 20 years when we got our Maddie at 8 weeks – I mistakenly believed she would only be high maintenance while a puppy, but I have definitely been proved wrong.

    Most of my day is spent meeting Maddie’s needs – letting her in or out, making sure she has food and water, taking her for a walk or to check the mail, giving her affection, playing with her, having an ear constantly tuned to what she’s doing, giving her the twice weekly pill, washing her bedding and furniture covers and making sure she gets a couple of treats every day and safeguarding the cat’s food dish, talking to her, sharing the loveseat or chair with her, bathing her, getting her nails clipped, cleaning her ears, using a lot of Febreeze and the washer to keep the ‘Fritos’ aroma down…being on the alert for possible dangers when walking her…

    And loving her more than I ever imagined.

    High maintenance yes – but so, so worth it when I see how she lights up when her person comes home from work, when one of us says one of her magic words, like ‘walk’ ‘get the mail’ ‘ride’ or ‘cheese.’ or when she groans with pleasure when I clean her ears or how she runs her joy in the backyard just because she loves it.

  4. “Maintenance,schmaintenance! Are you going to get me those new booties or not? Yes, of course,I will love you anyway!”

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