Mr. Buddylee is a People Magnet

Mr. Buddylee and Mosey, puppy loveAs long as Mr. Buddylee has been a member of our family he has attracted hundreds of admirers.  After adding a cute little terrier to the mix, it is impossible to walk by our two boys without saying hello to one or both of the pups. This family stopped us on Market Street, this week, to ask if it was OK to pet the duo.  My typical response to the kids is “You don’t bite do you?”, then following their answer, I give them permission to get some doggy love.  Taking up most of the sidewalk, on a main Portsmouth walking route, they all spent 5 minutes sitting on the brick enjoying each others’ company. All of us enjoy the regular “socializing fix”.  Do you have to be a dog person to appreciate all this cuteness?

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