Mr. Buddylee Introduces Mosey to His First Garden-Fresh Vegetable.

Mr. Buddylee and Mosey Enjoy Fresh AsparagusThanks to Buddylee and Mosey’s good friend, Bud, we all get to share the first spears of Asparagus that just pushed through the garden bed last week. According to our canine’s enjoyment  of this crispy crop, there may be a market for Asparagus flavored biscuits?

8 thoughts on “Mr. Buddylee Introduces Mosey to His First Garden-Fresh Vegetable.”

  1. I can’t blame them as they are always a favorite of mine; especially grilled. Mosey, however, looks like he needs a little more convincing!! LOL!! It could just be that he is waiting to “pounce” on it as Buddy Lee doesn’t look like he is in the sharing mood! HAAHAAA Have a great day…(:

  2. I am sure Mr. Buddylee and Mosey would appreciate a little holandaise sauce with their asparagus.

    Have they received their package yet?

  3. Amazing how in the world did you get them to grow with a rubber band around them, I guess it is just Yankee ingenuity

  4. Amazing how they grow already bundled!! Clearly Buddy is confused as well. Mosey must be wondering why his are only growing one at a time??

  5. We did split one 4 ways, ate our pieces on the spot, sent mental “Thank You”s to Bud and the asparagus gods then went on our morning way to work.

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