Mr. Buddylee: How To Shed A Wet Towel, Fast!

The joy of bathing Mr. Buddylee.  Fortunately, this activity doesn’t need to be done weekly.  Our Hound gets brushed several times a week and bath time is on an “as needed” schedule.  Buddylee gets the most joy from a rubdown with a dry bath towel.  When the over-sized drying cloth gets saturated with water, the rapid shaking proccess begins, and the towel covering is history.  He looks like a long-eared reptile shedding his skin.  CLICK HERE for the wrapped image.


7 thoughts on “Mr. Buddylee: How To Shed A Wet Towel, Fast!”

  1. In the wrapping picture if Buddylee’s foot was not showing I would not know heads from tails. BL can definitely “twist” off the towel. He is so cute..

  2. Shake rattle and role….shake rattle and roll!!!! Unbelievable talent. Yet again, Mr. Lee ceases to amaze me. I’m sure he’ll have no problem finding a Valentine this year with a figure like that!!!!!

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