Mr. Buddylee Has An Idea That Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile!

Is this a new business idea or just a fun way to go undercover for an afternoon?  Mr. Buddylee has a bit of a Poodle look in a couple of the photos.  Please be aware that no human or animal was harmed in the production of these hound hair pieces.  The 100% natural material is locally available (can you guess?), and quite plentiful.  Production could start within days.  We are depending on Mr. Buddylee’s loyal followers to suggest more than the Shirley Temple  or Richard Simmons’ look.  If you are a potential investor or just want to add creative input, please enter your comment and suggestions under this photo collage.  Mr. Buddylee looks forward to your responses.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Buddylee Has An Idea That Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile!”

  1. Buddylee, I’m definitely interested in investing in your business. It just so happens that I have an ample supply of the raw materials in my back yard and I’m willing to turn them over to you for a share of the net. I’m so excited about this that I’m gathering up a load right now so please let me know where you would like it delivered … your master’s garage maybe; your front yard? Let me know. ~Buddy F.

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