Mr. Buddylee Harmonizing With A Friend?

What a duet!

It has been a dozen years with the Happy Hound!

Randy and Cora’s vocal coaching has really paid off.  Their pup, Lakota, may be joining Mr. Buddylee for some neighborhood caroling later this month.

A special note about our Happy Hound:
It will be 12 years ago this coming week when BL’s mother-to-be (Corbe) stopped by the side of a busy road, not far from our home, to save an undernourished, bug-infested hound from being hit by a truck.  We don’t know how long he had been wandering on his own but the vet estimated the homeless Bassethound to be close to 2 years old.  Our Hound has been howling for a dozen years, sometimes aggravating and embarrassing but we wouldn’t know what to do if that sound was not part of our lives.  Happy anniversary Mr. Buddylee, we love you!

5 thoughts on “Mr. Buddylee Harmonizing With A Friend?”

  1. Better keep up the vocal coaching before the debut and cute as they are perhaps they could sign on a little earlier than the midnight carolers! Happy Anniversary Mr. Buddylee-From far and wide-We love you too!!!!!!!!!

  2. This morning, there was a little chewing sound coming from a closet in the living room. As we seem to have Stuart Little visiting this Fall, I was a bit hesitant to confront the intruder at 6AM. Guess who was hiding behind me???

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