Mr. Buddylee Entertains a Visiting Athlete.

Mr. Buddylee entertains duck #486Mr. Buddylee shows Duck #486 the sites of Yankeetown.  Earlier in the day BL and 486 visited our Town Hall and met the 2 ladies, Laura and Sharon, that run the place.  In a few short days the 2013 Duck Race will take place on the Withlacoochee River at the boat launch.  Sponsoring ducks in this floating race competition benefits the Friends of the Withlacoochee Gulf Preserve.  This year most of the funds will be used for completing the interior displays in the Education Center.  The Happy Hound can be seen walking around the 413 acre Preserve every week.  When visiting Florida’s Nature coast, Mr. Buddylee is happy to show you around the WGP.

7 thoughts on “Mr. Buddylee Entertains a Visiting Athlete.”

  1. BL looks relaxed and focused for the big race. A good sign! However, I dare say the yellow duck looks terrified! Hope he stays in good form while out of the water-Good Luck on the race and may the best floater win!

  2. Should duck #486 happen to win the race, there might be consequences. Don’t be surprised if accusations start flying around that this race is a “rigged event”. Unless, we can get Buddy a duck suit so he will blend in better at the finish line!!

    1. Also Tim- BL has a hard time swimming underwater, which could make any attempt at “rigging” rather obvious. In the past we have had a few golden retrievers who thought that they should join in the race and change the end of the story. Perhaps a golden retriever costume for Budd would throw off suspicion from BuddyLee who always plays by the rules as long as he has made them.

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