Mr. Buddylee Can Relate to a Pelican.

Mr. Buddylee and a Pelican


Mr. Buddylee did a lot of walking during his recent day trip to Cedar Key.  CLICK HERE for the location of this island.  We usually see a lot of Pelicans, and this day was no different, CLICK HERE for a typical collection perched on the remains of an old dock.

The more you look at a pelican the more it appears that this feathered creature is the Bassethound of the bird world.  Both animals have exaggerated features, the oversized head and feet are the two obvious similarities.  Bird and Hound are noisy, although Buddylee would probably win a decibel competition. And most important,  both creatures make you smile or laugh every time you look at them.

6 thoughts on “Mr. Buddylee Can Relate to a Pelican.”

  1. Buddylee compared to a pelican..? I can understand that..They are both entertaining though their food choices vary greatly…Buddy lee seems to see as much of the ground from ground level as the pelican does from the air cause Buddylee is always traveling…has he been to the Citrus County Landfill to flirt with the eagles???

  2. I think Mr. Buddylee finds pelicans strange looking and comical; but, ever the ambassador and diplomat he is friendly to all animals.

  3. A side profile would be in order…I suspect the resemblence would be stunning…or maybe jumping, with his ears in flight.

  4. Looks like Buddy Lee was out on the town again!!!!! Clearly there is only one Pelican, however, Mr. Lee is seeing quadruple. Someone has to keep him away from the sauce!!!!!

  5. …I would like to think it may be time for Buddylee to start using
    a little “Just For Men” hair color….he might get more action than just

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