Mr. Buddylee and Mosey: A visit to Remember.

AE-listening-to-musicMr. Buddylee has been visiting his Great Aunt Edith in the nursing home for 2 years.  Now that brother Mosey is with us, we have 2 pups that make the trip.  Monday was a particularly emotional visit because our Aunt is in her final days of being consumed by Parkinson’s disease.  This photo, has Buddylee out of site lying at the foot of the lounge chair and Mosey (the 9 pound lap dog) lying peacefully on Edith.  The white headphones added her favorite music to the visit.  Although little Mosey shifted his position several times, he was quietly comforting his Great Aunt for over an hour,  and she responded by gently stroking his body.

I posted this image on Facebook Monday afternoon and by Tuesday evening, there were 500 “likes” and over 100, heartfelt, comments.  A sad, yet comforting day.

6 thoughts on “Mr. Buddylee and Mosey: A visit to Remember.”

  1. How very sweet! It’s amazing how animals seem to know when someone needs a special loving touch like this. They can be so much more sensitive than a lot of people.

    May your aunt’s last days on this earth be as peaceful as this day seemed to be.

  2. How absolutely inspirational! Jeff, after going to the Ottawa Alzheimer’s Society Open House last week, (my mother had Alzheimer’s for 8 years) I am so very impressed how many people make the commitment to visit seniors. Always moved how important animals are in our lives and how much they know about us!!! and comfort us. They are very smart…

    I was on the Alzheimer Board for several years .. and may have the opportunity to introduce our Ottawa successful group to Citrus and We Care Food Pantry.

    Best to you and Corbe. Enjoy…

    Dieter & Maggie

  3. This scene was repeated on Wednesday. Mosey is a wonderful mix of boundless energy and complete collapse, sweetness and impishness. BuddyLee has taught him well to meet all with a warm welcome.

  4. So wonderful and not rare that a pet can be so calming for those in later years ! And the pets somehow know this and do the job very well.

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