Mr. Buddylee and Mosey: A Priceless Photo

Mr. Buddylee, Mosey and PricelessYou never know who Mr. Buddylee and Mosey will meet on their afternoon walk.  This was Priceless on the bank of the Salmon Falls River, Rollinsford, NH.  It was priceless to capture a photo with “the boys” and a young lady named Priceless.  She was there for a photo shoot, but we never got the rest of the story.

4 thoughts on “Mr. Buddylee and Mosey: A Priceless Photo”

  1. Mr. Buddylee and Mosey have such rich full lives. They meet sooooo many interesting and influential individuals.

  2. Our boys are the best. Ready to meet all w/ a welcoming “WOO-Woo” and now an ear-piercing baby screech.

  3. In a Walter Matthau voice Buddylee bellows, “Holy Cow, do you believe this? You name it and I’ll tell you what to feed it!”

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