Mr. Buddylee: A Multiple Choice Quiz

Mr. Buddylee 3 Question QuizA multiple choice quiz this week on WhereIsBuddylee’s blog:
1.Is this Mr. Buddylee posing for an art photo titled: “Hound Behind Iron Chair”?
2.Is this an image of the Happy Hound gazing adoringly at one of his primary leash holders?
3.Is this an iconic image of a Bassethound begging for a piece of his mother’s chicken sandwich?

8 thoughts on “Mr. Buddylee: A Multiple Choice Quiz”

  1. It could be all three, but whichever one it is you can tell Mr. BuddyLee is deep in thought, and will persevere for his most desired result.

  2. Y’All know BuddyLee too well or think you do! He really was wondering if he should go get his mother some ice cream after she finishes her sandwich and should he ask for jimmies on it or some mini dog-biscuits…

  3. #1- but suggest retitling to perhaps “Hounds for Chicken Sandwichs” or “Ice Cream Dreamers”. Does the quiz winner get Ice cream and Jimmies too? I think its only fair.

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