A Fine Jack/Basset Pair.

bud-mos-maine-borderFirst Off, I don’t usually think that small dogs need a Winter wardrobe to survive our outdoor climate.  Wolves didn’t have a selection of Winter garments to make their environment more tolerable.  Our 8.5 pound, 4.5 month old Jack Russell recently re-located from Florida to New Hampshire and the 38 degree Spring weather is unpleasantly, cold.  Mosey’s little body quivers until we reach the second half of his walk, and then the red fleece is removed.  Brother Buddylee, finds the chilly conditions invigorating.  This photo of a fine Jack/Basset duo was taken on the state line in Rollinsford, NH, just across the Salmon Falls River from South Berwick Maine.  By the way,  Three human long-sleeved fleece pullovers, were converted into vests to provide Mosey with a complete selection of cosey, canine coverings.
What are your thoughts about dog apparel?

6 thoughts on “A Fine Jack/Basset Pair.”

  1. I would say that red is certainly Mosey’s color. He looks adorable. I have to admit that I have had the same thought from time to time about dogs needing “clothing.” In the breeding of dogs to become such people companions, I think they have become more like people. After all, they do love to sleep in the bed, find some enjoyment watching tv as long as their people are watching, love to meet us with their friends and catch up on all the gossip, and happily sample any good looking goodies that come their way.

  2. Now thats a good looking pair-and I love the new JB Doggy/Handmade by Corbe Line- they have already mastered the Paris Catwalk with the required attitude!

  3. A couple of really cold and windy days have become 2Sleeve Days w/ a smoky gray layered over the daily red- “Dog Quarterly” take note.

  4. I think the coat is a good idea, it makes him warm and comfortable. You have to remember is not hearty New England stock like Mr. BL. By the way, did you ever receive the package I sent to Florida just before you left?

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