Mr. Buddylee’s Mobile Training Assignment.

mr-buddylee-puppy-trainingMr. Buddylee’s assignment is to fully train, 4 month old, Mosey by the time we reach New Hampshire on Friday.  The Happy Hound hasn’t got beyond the cover of the book yet, so his leash holders are not encouraged.  He may be whispering instructions into Mo-zee’s ears.  “the Hound Whisperer”, now that sounds like the title of a teaching manual.  Off to the frozen North in a couple of days.

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Mr. Buddylee Helps Aging Hounds

mr-buddylee-bassethounds-drule-THANK-YOUMr. Buddylee is experimenting with Crowd Funding.  Also known as getting a bunch of friends together to successfully fund a project that helps Bassethound rescues throughout the country.  Senior Hounds Abound is a rescue organization, in Orlando, Florida that provides lifelong care for aging Bassethounds.  This is BL’s first project and, hopefully, one of many.  The crowd part of this involves at least 25 friends and supporters adding this fun T-shirt to their wardrobe.  This campaign only runs for several days, so there is not enough time to say “I’ll get to this next week”.  Please go to this website and choose your size.  On Monday, when the campaign ends, the shirts get printed and you should have them within 2 weeks.  The Happy Hound (and his leash holders) thank you! Success, the shirt will be printed!

If you would like a shirt with this design, I will be running a future campaign for another 7 Days.  Let me know if you want notification about the campaign by emailing here:

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Mr. Buddylee Plays the Role of the Mattress.

Mr. Buddylee plays the role of the puppy bedForget those fancy Swedish foam mattresses,  the Basset-pedic is perfect for a relaxing puppy.  The heated surface and gentle breathing motion creates the perfect resting spot.  Mr. Buddylee is still finding it a challenge to share his life with Mosey, but you can’t tell from this photo.

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Mr. Buddylee and Mosey On The Hunt

Mr, Buddylee and Mosey on the HuntThis week, Mr. Buddylee teaches Mosey how to identify a fox*, even though it is supposed to be in the Jack Russell DNA.  The little one just turned 3 months and the big one is still getting his legs, tail and ears nipped at. The evenings continue to be cuddly with Mosey embedding himself into the Happy Hound’s chest(sweet).  Thank goodness for our good neighbor, ZuZu, who has been in charge of discharging puppy energy(only temporarily).  THIS PHOTO tells that story.

*actually an Armadillo

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Mr. Buddylee Introduces Mosey

Mosey enters our livesTwo weeks ago, while asking to enter the Town Hall for his biscuit fix, Mr. Buddylee met a 9 week old Jack Russel Terrier.  Mosey, the last of a 4 pup litter was leaving with his mom and dad (2 JRT’s) and our friend, Clark who has raised 20 litters of these pups.  Clark told us it was his last pup(this male and 3 other females) of his latest litter, and asked if we wanted to give Mosey a good home?  Actually, he wanted us to take him home for an over night test run,  to see if we liked him and how Buddylee would respond to the new family member.  The photos were taken today(after 2 weeks),  showing BL and Mosey sharing the same napping space.  The relationship still needs some work, but it appears that the little guy will be sharing his life with us. HERE IS Mosey in the backyard.  It has been over three years of posting images and captions of the Happy Hound on this blog.  We will now have a lot more content to fill these pages: “Where Is Buddylee” and Mosey?

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Mr. Buddylee Was 15 feet From a Gator.

Mr. Buddylee was not gator bait.Albert E. Gator and Alberta Gator are the official mascots of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.  Lake Alice is in the heart of the campus and Mr. Buddylee is within 15 feet of an offspring of Al and Al.  The young 4 foot gator was hugging the shoreline and never acknowledged the Happy Hound.  We were all enjoying a warm sunny winter day, but Buddylee’s leash was wrapped a little tighter around the wrist.

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Mr. Buddylee Waits As Long As It Takes.

Mr. Buddylee waits for the invitation to enter.Mr. buddylee has never accepted a closed door as a “do not enter” sign.  He is willing to wait for as long as it takes for a Bassethound lover’s invitation to enter.

“The Baughman Center is a stunning, elegant contemplation space in the heart of the University of Florida. Designed to bring the picturesque outdoor setting inside, the soaring windows and delicate natural materials echo the serene Florida surroundings.”  On this Sunny day in Gainesville, Florida the Happy hound only got to enjoy the picturesque outdoor setting.

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Mr. Buddylee supports dog-friendly shop owners.

Mr. Buddylee Snacking In Deland, FloridaThis corner store in Deland, Florida is a hot dog joint.  Mr. Buddylee is used to shop owners keeping full water bowls outside their front doors, but 2 bowls of biscuits, never!   Even more amazing was that Buddylee only helped himself to 2 of the snacks, leaving plenty for the next hungry hound. The Happy Hound would have gladly purchased a hot dog, but the store was closed this Sunday morning.

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Mr. Buddylee Through A Different Lens

Mr. Buddylee in Deland FloridaAfter Mr. Buddylee’s Daytona Beach experience, the next stop was  Deland, a wonderful little college town(Stetson University), filled with great smells for the Happy Hound.  The convex safety mirror mounted on a wall at an alley exit, created a fish eye photo with Buddylee and leashholders.  Next week you will see what a local merchant provides, outside their door, for strolling canine visitors. Mr. BL displayed amazing self control!

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Mr. Buddylee Enjoys A Daytona Beach Get-Away.

Mr. Buddylee at Daytona Beach, Florida.A bright Sunny Sunday morning at Daytona Beach, USA and Mr. Buddylee (and leash-holders) were looking forward to a 9 am walk on the Beach.  At the entrance gate the sign said “No dogs on the beach!”  We approached the gate attendant to ask why the “no dog policy” and he immediately complimented our “handsome” hound and mentioned that he had a Bassethound once.  He wanted to know if Buddylee was a service dog after noticing the thick harness around the Happy Hound’s shoulders.  After we replied with a negative, he suggested that we could call Mr. BL a service dog for a few minutes and let us onto the hardpacked sand.  The Hound sprinted on “The World’s Most Famous Beach” for 15 minutes, saying hello to the tourists and leaving his paw prints next to the SUV tire tracks.  The Town lets a steady stream of motor vehicles on the sand, but no pups!

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